What to wear to a kid's birthday party

What to Wear to a Kid’s Birthday Party? [Ideas and Things to Consider]

Regardless of whether it’s an adult or a kid’s birthday party, these celebrations are considered special occasions so parents often wonder what to wear to a kid’s birthday party.

In this blog, I’ll list some birthday outfit ideas as well as some things to keep in mind when choosing the right outfit.

So, without further ado, let’s go!

What Factors Should You Consider When Deciding What to Wear to a Kid’s Birthday Party?

Choosing the right outfit should not be taken lightly, so here are some factors you need to consider when choosing:

1. The Age of the Child

The age of the child affects what to wear to their birthday party in a few ways.

First, it is important to avoid anything that might upset the child. This means sticking to neutral colors and avoiding anything too bright. Second, it is important to choose comfortable clothes that will make it easy for the child to move around and have fun. Third, parents should avoid anything that might make the child self-conscious or embarrassed.

2. The Theme of the Party

Themed birthday parties are especially popular nowadays and they are slowly turning into a family tradition. Hence, the theme of the party will dictate what to wear. This means that if the party has a dress code, guests should try their best to adhere to it. If the party is more casual, then guests can dress more casually as well. The key is to try and blend in with the other guests so as to not stand out too much. Comfort is also important, so choose an outfit that you won’t mind wearing for several hours.

When it comes to themed parties, be mindful of the theme and choose an outfit that is appropriate. For example, if it’s a pirate-themed party, don’t show up in a ball gown! Be careful not to offend anyone with your outfit choice – sometimes less is more when it comes to fashion.

Two children dressed up in costumes at a birthday party.
Two kids wearing costumes at a birthday party/ Source: Unsplash

3. The Time of Day

The time of day can affect what to wear to a kid’s birthday party. For daytime parties, wear maxi or midi dresses with sandals. For outdoor parties, stick to flowy dresses with playful prints. For nighttime parties, wear dark wash jeans and an off-the-shoulder top to add drama.

4. The Location of the Party

The location of the party can play a big role in what you wear. If the party is at a club or bar, you’ll want to dress up more than if it was at someone’s house. If the party is outdoors, you’ll want to dress for the weather. If it’s a child’s birthday party, you’ll want to avoid anything too strong or flashy. Consider the theme of the party when deciding what to wear. You don’t want to stand out, but you also want to be comfortable.

5. The Weather

You should consider the weather when deciding what to wear to a kid’s birthday party. If it is summer, choose light and refreshing clothes like off-shoulder tops or button-downs. If it is colder weather, wear warm but lightweight clothes. You should always dress for the weather and be comfortable so you can enjoy the party.

6. Your Child’s Preference

When deciding what to wear to a kid’s birthday party, you should consider your child’s preference. Girls usually want to be able to run around and be active, so you should choose something comfortable and easy to move in. For boys, it is usually ok to choose something that is good-looking and comfortable. In cool weather, you should go for lightweight but warm clothes. For yourself, you should decide depending on your own preferences and the weather.

7. Your Own Comfort

It is important to be comfortable at a kid’s birthday party so that you can have fun and chase your baby around more easily. Wearing clothes that are easy to move in will help you be more comfortable and have a better time.

What Are Some Appropriate Options for What to Wear to a Kid’s Birthday Party?

Here are some chic but comfortable outfit examples to wear to a kid’s birthday celebration:

3 Women dressed up pretty holding balloons in front of their faces
Three women properly dressed for a kids’ birthday/ Source: Burst

Option 1: A White Tee and Pink Skirt

One option is to wear a white tee shirt and pink skirt. This outfit is perfect for summer and the bright colors and fun textures will be a big hit with kids. Plus, the pink color is perfect for summer. If you’re worried about spills, consider wearing a patterned tee shirt instead of white. And don’t forget to bring some snacks!

Girls dressed in white T-shirts and pink skirts
Girls wearing white T-shirts and pink tulle skirts holding hands/ Source: Unsplash

Option 2: A Monochromatic Pastel Set for a Winter Kid Birthday Party

For a winter kid birthday party, it is best to style a monochromatic pastel set. A pastel dress is always a good idea for the winter season. For guys, a sleek button-down and beige pants are versatile. You can wear fun tones for the kid parties no matter the season by choosing pastel colors that are light and soothing. Stick to fun but not juvenile styles and add a headband to finish the look.

A suitcase with pastel color clothes and a pair of flats
Luggage with pastel colored clothes and shoes/ Source: Unsplash

Option 3: A Super Chic Summer Look

For a super chic summer look for a kid’s birthday party, consider wearing a tunic top with leggings and sneakers or boots. The tunic top should be comfortable and mom-friendly, and can be dressed up or down. The leggings should be high waisted and slim-fitting, and the shoes should be comfortable but still stylish.

A woman wearing chic summer dress and a hat
A chic dress as the perfect outfit for kids’ birthday/ Source: Unsplash

Option 4: A Chic Boho Outfit for Family and Friends

To put together a chic boho outfit for a kid’s birthday party, it is recommended that you wear something that you feel comfortable in. A more vibrant look can be achieved by wearing sand hues instead of pastel shades. Cowboy hats and flared leg pants are also perfect for this type of party.

Option 5: A Simple Shirt and Pants or Jeans

When you’re not sure what the dress code is, a pair of jeans with a semi-sophisticated shirt and fashionable sneakers, are the safe way to go. Jeans are versatile and comfortable, making them a good choice for an unisex recommendation. You can experiment with different styles of jeans to find one that works best for you and the situation.

A girl wearing white crop top with jeans and white boots
Jeans and simple tee as the modern outfit for kids’ birthday/ Source: Unsplash

Another option is wide-leg cropped jeans with a chambray shirt. This is a good choice for a dressy casual event. Sneakers are also a good option for an event where you don’t know what the dress code is because they can be dressed up or down.

What Are Some Inappropriate Outfits to Wear to a Kids Birthday Party?

Apart from the many appropriate options, there are some that are deemed inappropriate by parents. Here’s what you should avoid wearing to a kid’s birthday party:

1. A Tight Mini Skirt

A tight mini skirt is an inappropriate option for what to wear to a kid’s birthday party for a few reasons. First, the skirt may be uncomfortable and not flow loosely around the legs as skirts should. Second, sexy outfits are not appropriate for a children’s event as this is a time to focus on the children and not on attracting attention from others.

2. Expensive or Luxury Clothes

Wearing expensive or luxury clothes to a kid’s event is not recommended especially if you are close to the family and expect to be playing with the kids. Little kids are unaware of the expensiveness or exclusivity of the clothes, so they may accidentally stain you and damage your outfit. They can even pull your jewelry if it attracts their attention, so to thread on the side of caution, it’s best to avoid wearing posh outfits altogether.

3. High Heels

High heels are not the best option because you may be running around after children so running in high heels wouldn’t be comfortable. You can wear them if you expect that you’ll only be sitting at the birthday party.

As an alternative, it’s better to wear flats or sneakers.

4. Dangling Jewelry

Dangling earrings are especially dangerous because mothers are likely to hand their toddlers over to you at some point during the party. If you’re wearing dangling earrings, there’s a risk that the earrings will swing into the child’s face and scratch them, or the child may pull it and scratch you. Dangling necklace chains can also pose a choking hazard. So it’s best to avoid wearing them altogether to a kid’s birthday party.

5. All-Black Clothing

Yes, black may be considered classic but it’s also the color that we wear to funerals and one associated with mourning and anger. Therefore, you should avoid wearing all-black outfits. Instead, pick one piece, for example, a black skirt with a beige shirt. This way you’ll still keep the elegance you wanted without seeming inappropriately dressed to the other guests.

6. Revealing Clothing

It is inappropriate to wear revealing clothing to a kid’s birthday party because it can be seen as disrespectful. Whatever you decide to wear, try it out before te birthday to make sure it’s not revealing any inappropriate part of your body. By wearing respectable clothing, you’ll show the hosts that you are taking the party seriously. And you can also showcase your personality in a fun, yet classy way at a kid’s birthday party.

To Wrap It Up…

If you’re were wondering what to wear to a kid’s birthday party, I think I got you settled. The main things that you need to keep in mind when choosing your birthday outfit is: to be appropriate, comfortable and suited to the location, weather and the theme of the birthday.

Stitch Fix and Wantable have some great clothing items from various brands available in all sizes and for every budget. So, if you plan in advance, you’ll have enough time to order and get the perfect outfit.

Alternatively, the easiest way to choose is to pick three outfits that you really like and try them out. Move around the house and try dancing in it to test it. Only then you’ll know for sure whether you picked the right one!


What is the best outfit to wear to a kid’s birthday party?

When choosing an outfit for a kid’s birthday party, keep in mind that comfort is key. You’ll likely be sitting on the ground, so go for something loose and comfy. Additionally, bright colors and patterns are always a good choice – just make sure they’re not too loud or outrageous.

If the birthday party will include a costume contest or dress-up element, parents should consider dressing their children in costumes. There are a variety of options for costumes, depending on the child’s personality and interests. The most important thing is to choose a costume that the child will like – this will help them have fun and feel comfortable at the party.

2. What are some ideas for what to wear to a kid’s birthday party?

For girls, a princess-style dress or a ballerina-style dress is always a good option for what to wear to a kid’s birthday party. For boys, leggings and a long t-shirt with a cute pattern or print are both good options. It is important to choose a garment that is comfortable and that your child likes. Always ask your child if they want to wear an outfit and make sure you look nice too.

3. What should you not wear to a kid’s birthday party?

It is not appropriate to wear inappropriate or uncomfortable clothing to a kid’s birthday party. This includes items like dangling jewelry that could potentially hurt the child if they were to grab onto them. It is also important to avoid wearing white or expensive clothes, as they are more likely to get stained by food or paint. Instead, opt for durable but good-looking clothing items that can withstand a little wear and tear.

4. What are some stylish outfit ideas for a kid’s birthday party?

For a stylish birthday outfit, girls can choose a princess-style dress or ballerina-style dress. Boys can go for a t-shirt and skirt or shorts. Trendy girls can try colorful leggings with a long t-shirt. Everyone should be comfortable in their clothes and like what they’re wearing. Add accessories to make the outfit more fun and unique.

5. What to wear to a birthday party that is going to take place at someone’s home?

When deciding what to wear to a birthday party, it is important to consider the location of the party. If the birthday party is taking place at someone’s home, you will want to dress comfortably and in something that you don’t mind getting dirty or stained. Colored clothing is always a good choice for a kids party because it shows that you’re ready to have fun.

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