What to put in stockings for toddlers

20+ Ideas of What to Put in Stockings for Toddlers

Stuffing stockings is a common family tradition around the world. However, since candy is the number 1 stocking stuffer for toddlers, parents often wonder what else to put in stockings for toddlers? Read on to find some great ideas!

What Are Some Ideas of What to Put in Stockings for Toddlers Besides Candy?

Check out some of the favorites:

1. Finger Paint

Finger paint is a fun stocking stuffer for toddlers, perfect for getting messy and having fun. It’s thick, easy to use, and can be easily washed, making it a great choice for to stuff the Christmas stockings.

A girls that has been fingerpainting
A girl with paint on her fingers/ Source: Amazon

2. Jumbo Paint Brushes

Jumbo paint brushes are a must-have for toddlers because they have easy-to-grip handles and jumbo tips, which makes them perfect for painting with water. They can also be used with a brush or just with your hands, making them perfect for toddlers who are just starting to learn how to use tools.

A little girl painting with giant paint brushes
A little girl painting with giant paint brushes/ Source: Amazon

3. Name Crayons

Some ideas of what to put in stockings for toddlers include name crayons. The name crayons are perfect to teach your child colors, shapes and sizes.

Name Crayons
Name Crayons/ Source: Amazon

4. Crayola Color Bath Drops

Crayola color bath drops are a favorite of toddlers because they are fragrance-free and allergen-free. The mess and the bath toys are easy to clean, and the colors last long in water. The small containers filled with colorful tablets make changing your bath color easy and fun. Each container has 60 tablets, so you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of bright colors in the water.

The fragranced tablets are free of any known reactions, meaning your child can enjoy a safe and entertaining bath time experience. With its bright colors and easy-to-use design, the Crayola color bath drops is sure to add some fun and excitement to your child’s next bath time experience!

Crayola Color Bath Dropz
Crayola Color Bath Dropz/Source: Amazon

5. Dot Markers

Dot markers are a popular stocking stuffer for toddlers because they’re mess free, never dry out, and make perfect dots every time. Kids will love mixing, blending and layering colors to create masterpieces or just improve their visual perceptual skills. Dot markers are also a great way to teach toddlers letters and sounds, as well as creative art projects.

Kids playing with dot markers
Kids playing with dot markers/ Source: Amazon

6. Grip Markers

Some of the pros of purchasing a set of toddler grip markers include the fact that they are designed for toddlers with developing motor skills, are easy to grip and mess free. Additionally, they provide great value for your money as parents love them. The paint is also washable and easy for toddlers to use. Another pro is that the grip markers are super pigmented and durable making them perfect for ABC-obsessed toddlers.

Grip markers
Grip markers/ Source: Amazon

7. Alphabet Activity Cards

It’s fun to have activities and toys in your toddler’s stocking at Christmas time! Alphabet activity cards are perfect for toddlers, as they help with early alphabet skills and language development. The puzzles are self-correcting, making them easy for kids to figure out the one right answer. There are also flashcards with both upper and lower case letters, as well as a picture with the same beginning sound.

Adding alphabet activity cards to your toddler’s stocking is a great way to keep them entertained while you get ready for Christmas morning.

Alphabet activity cards
Alphabet activity cards/ Source: Amazon

8. Puffy Stickers

Toddlers love stickers, and they love stocking stuffers that are fun and interesting. One of the best ways to satisfy a toddler’s sticker need is to give them puffy stickers. Puffy stickers are made by printing out pictures on sticker paper, then pressing the stickers into a puffed-up state. This makes the stickers fun and interesting for toddlers to play with, and it also rewards fine motor skills.

Fruit-themed puffed stickers
Fruit-themed puffy stickers/ Source: Amazon

9. Furry Animals

Furry animals provide a fun diversion from reality for toddlers, and there are many styles to choose from including a festive plaid fox. Kids can create their own scenes with Animal Figurines, or enjoy watching them play out in real life.

Furry animal toys
Furry animal toys/ Source: Walmart

10. Play-Doh

Play-Doh is a popular stocking stuffer for toddlers because it’s fun and versatile. There are many different ways to fill up a stocking with Play-Doh, including with new colors, packs, or tools.

Play-doh in different colors
Play-Doh/ Source: Amazon

11. Water Wow Mess-Free Coloring Pads

With these Water Wow mess-free coloring pads, everything changes! These pads use a water brush or clear markers to bring colors to life on paper. So if your child ends up coloring on your furniture or walls, it’s no problem at all! The pages of this pad are thick and durable, making them perfect for repeated uses. And once dry, the color disappears so that your child can do it all over again.

This toy is great for travel because it’s easy to pack and takes away the worry of a toddler coloring all over hotel room walls. The chunky refillable water pen ensures that kids have plenty of ink when they need it most. Each Water Wow pad comes with a suction cup, allowing you to stick it to any surface.

Water Wow Mess-Free Coloring Pads
Water WoW mess-free coloring pads/ Source: Amazon

8. Boden Sock Box 7 Pack

Toddlers will love receiving a gift set of seven pairs of soft and durable socks, each adorned with colorful stars and winter woodland animals. The Boden sock box is just the right size to fit inside a stocking, making it an ideal gift for toddlers. In addition to socks, the Boden sock box also includes a chocolate Santa Claus figure that your child will love. The Boden sock box is made from high-quality materials that are designed to last longermeaning you can rest assured that your child will get plenty of use out of these socks over the course of the year.

The Boden sock box is available in two different styles: Star Wars Classic Unders 7 Pack In Organic Cotton or Disney Princess Briefs 7 Pack . Both options come with delicious organic cotton underwear that’s sure to keep your kiddo warm throughout the winter months.

Boden sock box 7 pack
Boden sock box 7 pack/ Source: Boden

9. Onesies

One thing a growing child always needs are winter clothing items. Onesies are popular because they are practical and comfortable, can be used for a wide range of purposes, come in a range of different styles and colors, and are soft and warm.

Toddler onesies
Toddler onesies/ Source: Amazon

10. Gloves

Gloves are a great way to keep toddlers warm and protected from the elements. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including keeping hands warm and protecting ears from cold weather. There are many brands of gloves available, so you can find the perfect pair for your child. You can choose between a hat and mittens set, or just one item from the set.

Toddler gloves
Gloves/ Source: Amazon

11. Toy Cars

Toddlers can enjoy small car models that work with their current toys. Toy cars are a good stocking stuffer for toddlers because they provide entertainment and keep them busy.

Kid toy cars
Kids toy cars/ Source: Amazon

12. Toy Trains

The toy trains for toddlers are a great stocking filler or travel surprise. They come in a variety of different shapes and designs and can be used as distractions for toddlers on long car rides.

Wooden toy set
Kids toy trains/ Source: Amazon

13. Water Bottles

Some of the water bottles that toddlers will love include:

The Rambler with Straw – This water bottle is great for toddlers because it comes with a straw-lid and lets them drink from a more sophisticated bottle.

Takeya Kids Actives Water Bottle – This bottle is perfect for kids who want a more sophisticated water bottle. It has a stainless steel straw-lid and is durable.

CamelBak Chute Mag Kids – This water bottle is perfect for older kids and toddlers alike because it comes in a range of kid-friendly designs, like the monster motif on this one.

Ingredients like fruit juice, milk, or bubbly water can be added to these bottles to make them extra special. Make sure all ingredients are safe for toddlers to drink!

IRON °FLASK Kids Water Bottle
IRON °FLASK kids water bottle/ Source: Amazon

15. Fruit

Toddlers love fruit for its sweetness and the variety of flavors it contains. Some of the favorites include oranges, apples, bananas, and grapes. Fruits are a great way to get toddlers to eat healthily and learn about different flavors.

Fruit assortment
Fruit assortment/ Source: Unsplash

16. Yogurt

Yogurt is a good source of calcium, protein, and fiber. It can be a healthy snack for toddlers. Some yogurt brands are toddler-friendly and do not contain any sugar or added flavors. Stocking yogurt for toddlers can help them to get the nutrients they need and make sure they have something to snack on when they want something sweet but without having to worry about making a mess.

Yogurt assortment
Yogurt assortment/ Source: Walmart

18. Juice

Toddlers love juice, so why not put a little juice in their stockings on Christmas morning? Juice can be a fun way to celebrate the holiday with your little one. There are plenty of options for stocking stuffers that include juice, like boxed mixes or flavored waters. You could also give them individually wrapped bottles of juice as gifts.

Flavored water for kids
Flavored water for kids/ Source: Walmart

19. Popcorn

Toddlers love popcorn as a fun and delicious stocking stuffer. Pop it in their stockings to give them a little bit of excitement on Christmas morning! Just note that popcorn shouldn’t be given to toddlers under 4.

Popcorn bags
Popcorn/ Source: Unsplash

20. Fruit snacks

The 20 fruit snacks toddlers will love include: Puffs Cereal Snacks, Gerber Teething Wafers, Fruit & Veggie Melts, Smoothie (Veggie & Fruit) Packs, Freeze Dried Yogurt Packs, and Baby Food. Each fruit snack is packed with nutrients and vitamins that are good for toddlers’ development. Toddlers will love the flavors and textures of these snacks! Learn more about the proper age for kids to have fruit snacks.

Fruit snack jar
A jar of fruit snacks/ Source: Unsplash

21. Crackers

Crackers can be a fun stocking stuffer for toddlers. The ingredients in crackers can include sugar, flour, butter, and salt. Crackers are a popular stocking stuffer because they are easy to store and provide a quick snack.

Annie's Organic Snack Variety Pack
Kids crackers/ Source: Amazon

22. Sippy Cups

Sippy cups are a great way to help toddlers drink more fluids and come in a variety of designs and colors, and some have built-in straws. Some sippy cups have handles that make it easier for toddlers to hold onto them.

Sippy cups
Sippy cups/ Source: Amazon

23. Blankets

Blankets are a great way to keep toddlers warm and comfortable in the winter. They can be made from a variety of materials, depending on what’s available, and they don’t have to worry about itchy tags or pilling.

Christmas blanket
Christmas blanket/ Source: Amazon

24. Baby Oil

Baby oil is a great stocking stuffer for toddlers because it is great for skin and hair care. Baby oil has many benefits, such as keeping skin and hair healthy and preventing dryness. Baby oil is a great stocking stuffer because it’s both entertaining and useful.

Johnson's baby oil
Johnson’s baby oil/ Source: Amazon

25. Diaper Rash Cream

The benefits of diaper rash cream include reducing the appearance of redness and inflammation. The ingredients in diaper rash cream include zinc oxide and other anti-inflammatory compounds.

Diaper rush cream brands
Diaper rush cream/ Source: Walmart

26. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Blocks

Toddlers will love playing with these Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Blocks kits, which come with nine pieces (9 words total). These blocks are perfect for both indoor and outdoor play, since they’re weather-resistant. Plus, they make a great gift for toddlers who love playing with puzzles or construction toys!

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Blocks kits
Melissa & Doug deluxe wooden blocks kits/ Source: Amazon

27. Yo-Yo’s

The YoYa Toys Toss & Catch 3000 Ball Game comes in two sizes (small for children 3-5 years old, and large for children 5-10 years old), so there’s sure to be a size that fits everyone in your household. Play it together as a family or take turns racing against each other – there’s plenty of options when it comes to how you can use this toy!

YoYa Toys & Catch 3000 Ball Game
YoYa Toys Toss & Catch 3000 Ball Game/ Source: Amazon


Parents have a really tough time filling their children’s Christmas stockings with unique and child-appropriate gifts every year. However, in this list, you’ll find plenty ideas for Christmas stocking stuffers for toddlers to inspire you.


1. What are some ideas for toddler-friendly Christmas gifts?

The Baby Buddy Secure-A-Toy is a great gift for toddlers because it helps keep their toys safe and secure. The Faucet Extender is also a great gift for toddlers because it makes washing their hands easier. Some of the items on the list are also great gifts for toddlers because they are fun, entertaining, or educational. All of these presents will make Christmas morning extra special for your toddler!

2. What are some ideas for toddler-friendly books?

Board books are a great way to expose your child to new concepts and vocabulary. Some of our favorite board books from Little Bit Book Club teach about the world around babies and toddlers in a meaningful way.

They are perfect stocking stuffers for toddlers who love to read!

3. What are some general tips for shopping for gifts for toddlers?

There are a lot of different stocking stuffers that can be great for toddlers. Some good options include toys, clothes, food, and building blocks. It is always a good idea to have a backup gift in case the toddler’s favorite is not available.

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