Geekly Family (also Generates Income Through Affiliate Commissions

We publish reviews of products we have tested and evaluated. We use affiliate links to earn commissions from most of the products reviewed and recommended on our pages (such as DepositFix).

Every time a user clicks on one of the affiliate links posted in our reviews and makes a purchase, we receive payment.

Why Do We Use Affiliate Links?

There are two reasons why we utilize affiliate links.

First, we wish to make a business without displaying ads. Our visitors benefit from the experience and can enjoy an add-free time on the internet.

Second, through affiliation, we can get the best deals for our readers. The information regarding the products is updated. We provide the readers with tips to follow and links for further information.

Do Affiliate Links Impact Product Reviews and Our Ratings?

No. The affiliate links play no role in the final ratings and our recommendations (or lack thereof).

We sign up and test all our products anonymously and procure affiliate links after the respective review goes live.

Additionally, the presence of affiliate links in most products we present removes the potential monetary incentive to favor one hosting solution over another because of the potential gain for us.

We collect extensive data in order to form an opinion on the products which we will ultimately review. Our team of tech enthusiasts and experts is on the hunt for products that will bring the best value to our visitors.

Our methodology has been perfected over the years and our clients can count on our opinion on any type of software.

We encourage feedback from users. The comment sections of our pages are designated for their responses to our reviews.

Transparency and Honest Dialogue

We are not afraid to criticize software and to give our honest opinion whenever we are given the chance.

Our ultimate goal is to provide honest feedback that will help end-users and product developers through detailed, objective data.