What weird games lurk on kids' tablets

What Weird Games Lurk on Kids’ Tablets? + Safety Tips for Parents

Being born and raised in the world before the Internet and technology bloomed, I was able to experience what life was like before these took over. This is something my children will never know because IT is now part of our daily lives. But what concerns me the most is what weird games lurk on kids’ tablets. With the games and tablets as the new toys of Gen Z, parents all around the globe are wondering how to protect their children from these weird and potentially lethal games.

What Weird Games Lurk on Kids’ Tablets?

There are many weird games that lurk on kids’ tablet but they cannot be made known to the public unless a worried parent shares about the game in online communities.

Huge Kid Caesarean Birth in Hospital

One game that has attracted quite a bit of attention for being weird is the game “Huge Kid Cesarean Birth in Hospital”. The game follows the pregnancy of a princess and children but girls particularly get to dress her up, make her smoothies, give her a massage, and so on.

When the player reaches level 9 which corresponds with the last month in a woman’s pregnancy, they get a notification that the baby is too big and a C-section needs to be performed. Hence, the player needs to scalp the princess to get the baby out which comes out with a long blonde hair, and the princess returns to being as skinny as before pregnancy.

No one knows who created this game and how it got to children’s tablets but it’s surely not the only one out there. As reported by New York Times’ journalist Jessica Grose, who spoke to Craig Chapple (a mobile insights strategist at SensorTower), these games find their target audience through advertising on other games or through search ads. And since many of the children who have tablets can’t read yet, they are probably attracted by the appealing images of these games.

A pregnant princess with a huge baby as a featured image for the game

Slap Kings

Slap Kings is another popular weird game with over 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store. Although it is marked as predominantly for teens, this game falls under the Kids & Family category and is thus accessible to everyone.

Two people slapping themselves as a featured image for the game

The point of the game is to slap and be slapped. The more people a player slaps well, the higher levels they unlock. And while this game may certainly be perceived as harmless by many, it is discussible what moral it can teach to children who play it.

Scary Child

Apart from being weird, Scary Child is a dangerous game that lurks on kids tablets, phone and computers. Its backstory revolves around a serial killer who used to take tokens from his victims. His last token was a doll and he latched his soul onto the doll when he accidentally died. Now he’s back haunting a house and continuing his killings. Kids who play this game have to fight the doll who bites, scratches, and kills.

A scary image of the Scary Child protagonist and a scene with coffin


Granny is another horror game that got a lot of attention last year. It is available to kids of all ages even though it involves imprisonment, and killing. Player reviews say that it is harmless for kids above 6 because they already understand this is only a game. However, it can be terrifying for younger kids and parents should be cautious.

A scary female person as

How Can Parents Keep Track of What Their Kids Are Playing?

The games listed above are just a few examples of the many inappropriate games available to kids nowadays. So, what can parents to do protect their children and keep track of the games they are playing? I listed some suggestions below.

1. Keep an Eye on What Games Your Kids Are Playing

There are 3 ways to see what type of games your kids are playing, i.e. by watching they while they play, join them in the play or by installing a parental monitoring app on their preferred gaming device.

Younger children love the company of their parents so you can easily monitor their games by sitting next to them. You can also ask them questions about the game to understand how they perceive it.

As the kids grow up, a parent’s role of a caretaker should transform into one of a friend (but with limits, of course!). So, if you want to learn more about their gaming preferences, ask your children to let you join a game or to show you how it should be played. Children will love to assume the role of the one who knows more for a change, and if the games are harmless, you will both get to enjoy them. Moreover, they may even turn into a family tradition.

If the previous two suggestions didn’t work, then you can use a parental monitoring app such as Qustodio, Net Nanny and Family Time. Once you install the parental monitoring app on your children’s devices, you can monitor their online activity, block unwanted apps, and limit screen time.

2. Research the Games Your Kids Are Playing

One way to research the games your kids are playing is to use the app Fancade. This app allows users to research games and find out if they’re safe. The app is free to download on iOS and Android.

You can also look up player reviews on online review platforms such as Common Sense Media, App Store or on Google Play Store.

3. Be Aware of the Age Rating of the Games Your Kids Are Playing

Age rating is important for video games to make sure that children are safe playing them. It’s important to find age-appropriate games for your children, so that they don’t become addicted and spend too much time on the devices. Some safe but fun games to download for your kids include Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, and Candy Crush Saga.

4. Set Limits on the Amount of Time Your Kids Can Play

It is important for parents to set limits on the amount of time their kids can play video games and spend on screen time in general. This is because too much screen time can lead to some negative effects like obesity, trouble sleeping, neck and back pain. Too much screen time can also have influence on the age your child will start to talk and how good their language will be. This is because toddler’s age is the essential to developing the speech skills so depending on the kind of input a child gets or the lack of it thereof, your child may not talk at all or say barely distinguishable words.

Nevertheless, children younger than 5 and particularly children under the age of 2 shouldn’t spend more than 2 hours a day on screen time in total.

5. Encourage Your Kids to Play a Variety of Games

There are a few things parents can do to encourage their kids to play a variety of games.

First, they should be aware of which games are safe for children to play. These games should be downloadable through apps or social media.

Second, parents should avoid any games that their children might become addicted to.

Third, they should encourage their children to download apps that are both safe and fun. One such app is Apple Arcade, which has a wide range of titles suitable for children of all ages. Another option is Google Play Pass, which allows parents to give their children access to a range of apps without having to pay for them.

But most of all parents should encourage their kids to play outside and with their friends as much as possible. Physical activity is essential for the proper development of children and should be encourages whenever possible. The best of it is that even parents can participate in the outdoor games thus motivating their children to join the fun.

6. Talk to Your Kids About Their Game Playing

It is important for parents to talk to their kids about the games they are playing on their devices. Once the children are of an age to understand, parents should explain what the pros and cons of playing games are, and help children recognize potentially dangerous games.

7. Be Aware of Online Safety Concerns

As kids spend more time online, parents face new challenges in keeping them safe. One concern is “bigorexia,” where kids become obsessed with being thin and having unlimited screen time. Families with multiple children also have a tougher time limiting screen time.

Apart from the games, parents and caregivers should be aware of the potential safety and mental health risks that social media can pose for children. A recent example that spurred a buzz was the Wren Eleanor controversy that put into light all the dangers that thread around children in social media.


There are myriad of games available for phones, tablets and computers that are easily accessible by children of all ages. So, parents often wonder “what weird games lurk on kids’ tablets, and other devices?”. These cannot be discovered by parents unless they are shared in communities. The latest examples of weird and horror games as reported by parents such as “Huge Kid Caesarean Birth in Hospital”, “Slap Kings”, “Scary Child” are a sound reminder that parents should dedicate more time to their children and their online activities.


1. What are the weird games that lurk on kids’ tablets?

Some games that are available on kids tablets can be weird and inappropriate for their age. Examples are “Granny”, “Scary Child”, “Scary Teacher” and so many more.

2. What are the best game apps for kids?

The best game apps for kids are PBS Kids Games, Hellosaurus, Sago Mini Friends, etc.

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