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Table of Content

  • Acceptance and Agreement
  • Copyright
  • Trademarks
  • User Submissions and User Restrictions
  • Product and Service Ratings
  • Limitation of Liability
  • Disclaimer
  • External Links
  • Privacy Policy
  • Dispute Resolution

1. Acceptance and Agreement

What’s important to know is that when you access our Website, you automatically agree and accept the Terms of Use. You will find the rules thoroughly explained in the sections below.

What is not allowed on our Website:

  • To post any commercial material that entails copying, transferring, or downloading material from the Website.
  • To upload, post, reproduce, or distribute any content on the Website that is protected by copyrights and intellectual property rights without prior permission from the site owner.
  • To change, remove, modify, or adapt any information or content on the Website, excluding what can be changed under applicable law.
  • To do any action that can be found fraudulent, harmful, unlawful, indecent, or hateful.
  • To deliberately post any materials that contain malware that can damage the services provided by our Website.
  • To email, post, or generally send any form of solicitation.
  • To access the Website in a way that is illegal, harmful, and/or unlawful.

2. Copyright

All content (texts, infographics, images, etc.) on the Website is subject to copyright under State law.
By accepting the Terms, users don’t get a license to copy, modify, translate or use any data on the Website without prior permission unless stated otherwise in the Terms of Use.
Please remember that all content on our Website is the intellectual property of Stack Tools.

3. Trademarks

All trademarks, names, and logos displayed on the Website are owned and licensed to the Website, so have in mind that any other use of them will be considered a violation of our Terms of Use.
Content provided by third parties (product names, logos, trademarks, designs, etc.) is the property of their respective owners and shouldn’t be copied, altered, used, or modified in any way that might violate intellectual property rights.
The Website can occasionally fairly use trademarks of third parties, but note that we don’t claim ownership over them.

4. User Submissions and User Restrictions

User submission is when you, as a user, post some content on our Website.
When a suggestion, review, or comment is published or posted, the Website has the right to use, alter, publish, or delete the information/content for any reason without prior notice and without compensation to the information provider.
The Website is not liable for reviews and comments posted by users on the Website.
Users are responsible for communication amongst themselves.
Users are allowed to send content that is lawful.
Users shouldn’t do the following:

  • Transmit copyrighted material to the Website that the user isn’t permitted to use
  • Send materials that you don’t own and don’t have permission to distribute
  • Send materials that violate copyrights or any other privacy or publicity rights of others
  • Send material that is offensive, embarrassing, abusive, or harmful to people
  • Violate, deliberately or accidentally, any local, state, or federal law
  • Attempt to breach website security
  • Send advertisements or entreating business
  • Send chain letters or promote pyramid schemes
  • Impersonate other people

In order for our Website to operate, we may receive a commission from the companies that we are reviewing. But note that they do not influence our reviews, because we research and test every single product and service we write about.

5. Product and Service Rankings

At Geekly Family, we take our time and do extensive research about each particular product/service to make it convenient for you.
Our reviewers’ criteria can be subjective, objective, or both. However, we advise you to research the services or products that you see on our listings.
Remember that by accepting our Terms, you as a user, promise not to hold the Website, including its members, staff, partners, etc., liable for any statements, errors, omissions, representations, descriptions, comments, or opinions posted on the Website.
Our Website is not affiliated with the government, or any profit, or non-profit organizations.
Our Website earns commissions through affiliate links, but they don’t influence how we create our listings.
The prices on our listings are updated every few months.
You’ll find images, graphics, video advice, and other information on our Website; their purpose is only educational and informational.
Our Website doesn’t offer legal advice, and it cannot be a substitute for a professional consultation.

6. Limitation of Liability

Geekly Family is not liable for any losses or damages that resulted from following the reviewers’ advice or opinion. Reviews on our website reflect the reviewers’ personal judgments, and they might differ from the opinion of the website itself.
We do our best to keep the content on the website current and accurate, but we do not guarantee that all content is true, accurate, or complete. We also cannot be held accountable for any text errors or factual errors that might result in costs or expenses for the user.
We are not liable for any malware or other harmful material that you might encounter while surfing through our website.
You are accessing and using this website at your peril, and you alone are responsible for any indirect, direct, or consequential damages that you might stumble upon.

7. Disclaimer

Material that we have provided on our website is “as available” or “as is,” which is allowed by the applicable law.
Material that is posted on our website by third parties should not be perceived as a statement of fact. It is important to point out that we are not liable for content that belongs to third parties that may cause inconvenience to the visitors of our website.
Neither we nor our affiliates are liable or warranty for damages no matter if they were incidental, indirect, consequential, punitive, or resulted in lost profit.
We cannot be held liable for any errors or interruptions that may occur while browsing through our website. Sometimes, the site may be temporarily down due to maintenance, power outage, network failure, or reasons that are beyond our control. We cannot guarantee that the website will work without any errors or interruptions all the time.

8. External Links

External links are used to guide you to the product/service/company we reviewed.
Our Website may have external links, but note that we are not responsible for any content you might find on these pages.
Our Website contains affiliate links to other websites.

9. Privacy Policy

If you wish to learn about our privacy policy, please check the following link.

10. Dispute Resolution

Our terms of use abide by the laws of the United States, and if it comes to disputes, cases will be resolved through jury trial, binding arbitration, court, etc.