How to surprise kids with a puppy

How to Surprise Kids with a Puppy? The 8 Best Ideas

The festive season is just around the corner and so many families are thinking of what presents to buy, how to wrap them and how to best surprise their loved ones.

If your children were longing to get a dog but you were waiting for the right moment to get them one, now you’re probably wondering how to surprise kids with a puppy. Some parents have been down this road so they eagerly shared what they did and I’m here to tell you!

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How to Surprise Kids With a Puppy? The 8 Best Ideas

There were many ideas, but I picked only the best ones. Check them out!

1. Create a Surprise Atmosphere

Surprises are all about the preparation. So, if your children start nagging about getting a dog, pretend that you’re absolutely unwilling to get one. List reasons and be convincing. Once the children believe your performance, bringing a pup in will be ecstatic.

2. Choose the Occasion

Are you going to give them the puppy for a birthday, Christmas or on a traditional family event? Pick the day so that you can plan the surprise accordingly and get everything you need by then. Apart from the puppy, you’ll also need a collar, food and water bowl or simply get the puppy essentials welcome gift box.

3. Wrap the Present

If you decided to present the baby at a birthday party or on Christmas, then you can surprise your children by wrapping it as a present.

Putting a bow on the dog and walking it in to the birthday party when the gifts are being unwrapped would be enough for the effect. For Christmas, however, you’ll have to put a wrapped box, big enough for the puppy, under the Christmas tree. Since children are curious, they’ll probably inspect the box before Christmas so you can put in something to make it heavy before the day comes. Then on Christmas morning, put the dog in the box just before kids are up. Just don’t forget to make a hole for ventilation in the box for the puppy and give it a toy or a snack to it quiet. Kids will be thrilled when they found Santa gave them just the gift they were wishing for.

4.Give Your Kids a Doggy Gift for Christmas/Birthday

If you think that the previous idea was too complicated then this is the easier alternative. Simply, purchase some puppy essentials or a welcome gift box for your puppy, wrap it up in a box and give it to your children as a gift for birthday or Christmas. They will be puzzled when they open the gift and elated when they realize that their real present is actually – A PUPPY! Then you bring in the pup and watch your kids have fun.

A small puppy with Santa Claus's hat

5. Send the Puppy via Mail

Yes, I’m not referring to real mail because that would be impossible. But you can perhaps ask a friend or relative to bring the pup on a certain day and time when everyone will be home. Just don’t forget to tie a bow to it so that they know its their present.

6.Play Scavenger Hunt

A fun way to get everyone participate in finding the present is to plan a Scavenger Hunt game. You’ll need to prepare the props for the game beforehand and hide the pup somewhere it won’t be easily found or heard.

The game will create a cheerful atmosphere and make the revelation moment even greater!

7. Think About Dog Names in Advance to Get Them Excited and in the Mood

You can do this without spilling out your intention in the first phase when you’re building tension and prepping the atmosphere. So, when listing reasons why you can’t get a puppy for your children make sure to mention that puppies are a huge responsibility and not a toy. Tell your children that they first need to practice responsibility and perhaps they’ll get a puppy one day. If they agree on this, tell them that you can even brainstorm names for their future pup.

In this way, you’ll know exactly what their dog preferences are and you can even imprint the name they picked on the collar.

8. Wake Up Your Kids With a Puppy Kiss

You can do this on any day and occasion. Consider hiding the puppy overnight to surprise the receiver with a puppy kiss when they wake up. Just put the puppy in your kids room while they are sleeping and let it wake them up. They may not get a kiss if the puppy is scared but they will surely be woken up by the puppy squeals.

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Why Are Puppies a Great Gift for Kids?

Here are a few reasons why:

1. A Family Dog Will Make Everyone Happy

A family dog can improve family dynamics in a number of ways. They can provide training and attention, as well as cuddles. Puppies are also a surefire way to make everyone happy and a better entertainment for kids than the weird games lurking on tablets!

2. Your Children Will Learn to Take Care of Another Living Thing

Puppy ownership can teach kids responsibility in a number of ways. Firstly, they will need to learn to take care of the puppy’s needs such as feeding, walking and exercising. Secondly, they will need to be proactive in keeping the puppy clean and tidy – this means regular brushing, bathing and cleaning up any messes. Thirdly, they will need to be responsible for training the puppy and teaching it manners. By taking on all of these tasks, kids will develop a sense of responsibility towards their new furry friend and you’ll be sure you’re raising smart kids.

3. They’ll Learn to Love and Be Loved

Kids learn to love and be loved by getting a puppy because dogs show unconditional love for their caretakers. Unlike cats and other home pets who are only willing to play when they feel like it, dogs will always be readily waiting to please their owners. There are so many instances in history that confirm this, such as Hatchiko, who was an extremely loyal dog and got a movie made after it.

4. It May Become Their Best Friend

Having a dog in the home also has many other benefits, from fun playtime together to loyal friend who will be there for them in good times and bad. It’s important to talk to your child about what to expect from a new puppy before bringing one home, so that they are prepared for the care it will need.

5. The Event Will Be Remembered for Their Entire Lives

Giving your kids a puppy as a surprise will be a memory they cherish for their entire lives. Puppies are such a joy to have and kids love them. All kids should be taught how to take care of animals because it’s important for their development. Gifting a puppy is the perfect way to show your loved ones how much you care. Seeing your kids cry tears of happiness when they see their new puppy will be one of the best things ever.

To Wrap It Up…

Getting a puppy for your children is a gift that will never get outdated. Once you know what kind of dog breed they want, you can buy one and plan your surprise accordingly. You can start building the atmosphere even beforehand to make the surprise even bigger. Whether you choose to wrap it as a gift, send it by someone, hunt for it, or wake your kids up with a puppy – you’re bound to make a delightful surprise and a gift that will be remembered for a lifetime.


1. What are some things to consider when surprising kids with a puppy?

Before surprising your kids with a puppy, you’ll need to do some careful planning.

First, make sure the puppy is from a shelter or breeder, and not from an unreliable source. Second, the box should be large enough to comfortably fit the puppy, and brightly colored so it will be easy for the kids to find. Third, give the puppy some time to adjust to its new surroundings before picking it up. And fourth, on pickup day introduce the puppy to the family and take pictures of the pup before leaving.

Other things to consider are to think about what size would be best for your home and lifestyle – do you have a lot of space or not much space? Do you have other pets that need to get along with the new pup? Are you allergic to certain types of dogs? Once you narrow down your list of possible breeds, do some research on each one to find out which would be the best fit for you and your family.

2. How can I make the puppy surprise even more special?

There are a few things on how to surprise kids with a puppy but in a more special way. First, you can hide the puppy in a special place where the recipient will have to search for it. You can also wrap the puppy in a special blanket or toy that the recipient will love. Finally, you can include a special note with the puppy that will make the recipient feel extra special.

3. What if my kids are scared of puppies?

If your child is scared of puppies, there are a few things you can do to help them overcome their fear. First, it’s important to prepare your home before you go pick up the puppy. Once you have the puppy, take the time to introduce them to your child slowly. Let the child pet the puppy and get used to its presence before trying to play with it. It’s also important to explain to your child that puppies may make noise or jump around, but that they won’t hurt them. With a little patience and understanding, your child will be playing with their new pup in no time!

4. What if I can’t afford a puppy?

If you can’t afford a puppy, there are other options available to you. Adopting or rescuing a dog can be, and it’s also a great way to give a dog in need a loving home. Consider your lifestyle and whether you’re prepared to take on the responsibility of caring for a puppy before making your decision.

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