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40 Things to Do When Bored for Kids and Parents Alike

We all know how cranky and annoying kids can get when bored and sometimes parents either don’t have the time or are out of ideas on things to do when bored for kids.

In this blog, we list some ideas so that you always have something new to try out.

Why Do Kids Get Bored?

In general, kids get bored easily because they have a short attention span. However, sometimes children may complain about being bored when

  1. they dislike what they are doing
  2. want your attention
  3. need ideas

My son for example, isn’t that much into coloring so even at kindergarten he’d complain he’s bored. But ask him to put on a play and he’s all-in. And such reactions are actually normal, because even we as adults dislike doing some things, but we understand that sometimes we have to have a little extra patience. Anyways, here are some ideas on things to do when bored for kids – and parents, too!

Moms' discussion on things to do when bored for kids
Moms’ suggestions for doing things when bored

40 Things to Do When Bored for Kids and Parents Alike

To keep entertained, kids should engage in activities that are fun and stimulating. Some activities require more preparation than others, but all can be done with a little effort.

1. Allow Kids to Feel Bored

Boredom is often seen as a negative emotion but it can actually be beneficial for children. Boredom allows children to problem-solve and be more task-oriented. It is important to allow kids to feel bored so they can learn these skills.

It’s important for parents not to try and eliminate all boredom from their child’s life because it can help them develop different positive character traits. These traits can be important for their academic, personal, and work lives. Trying to eliminate all boredom from your child’s life may also make them more likely to experience negative emotions like anxiety or depression.

2. Help Your Child Find Ways to Cope With Boredom

When your child is bored, they may be trying to get your attention. It’s important to connect with your child and allow them to participate in what you’re doing. However, it’s also important to teach kids that it’s not your job to entertain them 100% of the day. Provide your child with tools to cope with boredom, like art supplies, puzzles, Lego, or balls outside. Let your kids come up with their own ways to play once the resources are there.

3. Keep an Arts Supply Box That Kids Can Have Access to and Explore Whenever They Want

The art supply box should include a variety of activities, games, crafts, and art supplies. Whenever your child says they’re bored, pull out a stick from the box and let them do whatever it says. This will help them stay busy and entertained while also teaching them to be creative.

4. Build a Fort

Encourage kids to explore and play with their toys by building forts. Forts can be made out of different materials, such as blankets, pillows, and furniture. Once the fort is built, encourage them to play with their toys inside. This will help them use their imagination and be creative.

5. Set Up Imaginary Places

Inspire your child’s creativity by following their interests and setting up imaginary places they can be creative in. Children will enjoy setting up a pretend restaurant, school, bank, or library in their home. You can also provide them with materials such as crayons, paper, markers, etc. to help them express their creativity.

A toddler entertaining himself with kitchen gadgets
A toddler playing with kitchen utensils/ Source: Geekly Family

6. Make Play-Doh Sculptures

Play-Doh is an absolute favorite among children. They can mould it and play with it for hours without creating too much of a mess. What you need to do is prepare the table for playing (and easier cleaning), give the Play-Doh and start playing. If you have more than one kid you can make a challenge out of it. Pick a few toys and ask them to compete who will make it more identical.

7. Exercise at Home

Exercise is a great way for kids to use up extra energy and to bust boredom, it’s also essential for proper development as statistics confirm. Kids can find exercise videos on YouTube or they can make their own. Moving and being active is what’s important for kids to stay healthy and happy.

8. Go for a Bike Ride

Bike rides are so much fun for school kids. I often see groups of children biking around the neighborhood and sometimes competing against each other. Sometimes, even if there’s only one kid and if they are bored, they’ll just hop on the bide and explore the neighborhood on their own. This is an activity that will never bore anyone who knows how to ride a bike. Just don’t forget to put on a helmet, too!

9. Create Chalk Art

Kids can do this outside in their garden to avoid making a mess at home. Chalks are my favorite coloring tools because they are so easy to blend and kids can create shades from each color. However, some parents have never tried them so they are not aware of how awesome they are. So, next time you’re at Walmart or online shopping on Amazon, make sure to get you kid a pack and let the fun begin.

A girl in purple dress pointing at chalk art
Playing with chalk as a boredom busting activity for kids/ Source: Geekly Family

10. Do an Art Challenge or an Art Craft

There are many art things to do when bored as well as art challenges that kids will enjoy trying. Parents can help set up kids with art challenges using electronic or printable tools. Some examples of art challenges include:

  1. Create a piece of artwork using only a limited number of colors
  2. Create a piece of artwork using only straight lines
  3. Create a piece of artwork using only circles
  4. Create a piece of artwork using only nature items

Pick a challenge yourself or let your kids decide, whichever way you go, they are bound to enjoy it.

A boy cutting out forms from a book to create art
Art challenges as a fun activity for kids/ Source: Geekly Family

11. Clean and Re-organize Their Room or Around the House

My mom used to tell me to clean my room whenever I complained I was bored. I’m not sure how many times I really cleaned the room but I’m sure I haven’t mentioned I was bored after it. However, nowadays children are not as obeying as we were, so to make them do it, you may need to offer some good reward.

Yet, you never know, children may enjoy the fresh feel of a new room and may be motivated to clean it again the next time they feel bored again.

12. Build a LEGO Tower

To build a LEGO tower, you will need:

– LEGO bricks

– A baseplate or foundation for your tower

– Patience and creativity!

Building a LEGO tower is a fun and challenging activity for the whole family. To get started, you will need some LEGO bricks and a baseplate or foundation for your tower. Once you have those things, it’s time to get creative!

Start by building the bottom layer of your tower. Make it as big or small as you want, but be sure to leave space between the bricks so that your tower can be tall. Once you have the bottom layer done, start building up! Keep going until your tower is as tall as you want it to be. Then sit back and admire your work!

13. Write Their Own Story

Mad Libs is a game where kids fill in missing words to create a story. To play at home, have kids write a story leaving out a word in each sentence. Then the parents write the story, filling in the missing words for the kids.

14. Put On a Play

My son absolutely loves this! Whenever he’s bored we act reverse roles, he’s the parent and I’m the child. So, he likes to play-pretend taking me to the kindergarten, or teaching me manners. I also find this activity fun because it shows me how my child perceives me. I sometimes realize that I’m really making certain expressions or using certain phrases.

15. Solve a Puzzle

Puzzles can be a great way to provide low-level entertainment for kids. They come in all different shapes and difficulty levels, so there is likely one that is perfect for your child.

To do a puzzle, first choose one that is the right level of difficulty for your child. Then, set the puzzle up on a flat surface. If the puzzle has pieces that are different colors or shapes, it can be helpful to sort those pieces into piles before starting. Once the puzzle is set up, have your child start by finding and placing the edge pieces. Once the edges are complete, have them work on filling in the middle of the puzzle. If they get stuck, encourage them to take a break and come back later.

16. Write a Letter to a Grandparent or Older Relative

When children write a letter to a grandparent or older relative, they learn how to write in a way that is both fun and informative. This can help them develop their language skills while also providing them with some boredom-busting entertainment. Plus, it’s a great way for kids to stay connected with relatives who they may not see often.

17. Create a “When I Grow Up” Poster

This activity is essential for raising smart and resilient children. When I was younger, I always dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. I loved animals and wanted to help them in any way possible. As I grew older, my career aspirations changed and I eventually decided that becoming a vet wasn’t the right path for me. However, if I had made a “When I Grow Up” poster when I was younger, it would have been a reminder of my original dream and might have helped me to stick with it.

Making a “When I Grow Up” poster is easy! All you need is some paper, some markers or crayons, and your imagination. Instruct your child to draw or write out what they want to be when they grow up. They can include as many details as they want, or keep it simple with just a few words. Once done, hang the poster up somewhere where your kids will see it often as a reminder of their dreams.

18. Wash the Car

Get the kids excited about washing the car by filling a bucket with soapy water and handing out sponges. Let them have fun scrubbing the car down, then help them rinse it off with a hose. Finally, let them dry it off with towels.

19. Go on a Scavenger Hunt

This is a great activity to teach colors to toddlers. What you need to do is:

1. Plan the scavenger hunt by choosing a location and coming up with a list of items for the kids to find.

2. Print out a free printable scavenger hunt or make your own clue cards.

3. Hide the clues around the chosen location and let the kids start hunting!

Additionally, you can discuss what each item is, the color, the shape and the purpose.

20. Write a Letter to a Soldier

When kids are bored, one great way to help fight that boredom is to write a letter to a soldier. Not only will this help keep the child’s mind active, but it will also make the soldier feel appreciated.

There are many soldiers who would love to receive letters from kids. The Any Soldier website has a list of soldiers who would love to receive letters. Kids can write their own thank-you notes and mail them off to the soldiers when they’re done.

21. Play Hide-and-Seek

To play hide-and-seek, one player hides while the other player tries to find them. The hider can choose any hiding spot they like, and the seeker will try to find them by looking in all the likely places. Once the hider is found, they become the seeker and the game starts over.

There are many variations of hide-and-seek that can be played to make the game more interesting. For example, you can give the hider a head start before the seeker starts looking, or you can have multiple hiders and seekers. You can also set a time limit for how long the hider can stay hidden before they are automatically found.

22. Make an Obstacle Course

An obstacle course is a great way to keep kids entertained and active. To make an obstacle course, you will need some basic materials like cones, hula hoops, and jump ropes. You can also use household items like chairs and tables. Set up the course in your yard or in a room in your house. Place the cones in a zigzag pattern or create an obstacle that kids have to jump over. Have them crawl under a table or through a tunnel made out of hula hoops. Make sure to create a safe course that won’t injure anyone. Give each child a turn to run the course and see who can make it through the fastest.

23. Have a Dance Party

This is another favorite activity of my son. Whenever, he’s bored, it’s enough to play “As It Was” by Harry Styles or “Crazy Frog” and he’s up and dancing. Sometimes we even call his cousins over and have a real dance party with a microphone. The kids get to sing and dance but us parents as well! Is there anyone who doesn’t like a good dance party?!

To make things even more fun, try incorporating some dress-up and making music videos. This will take the party to the next level and keep the little ones entertained for hours on end.

24. Collect Rocks and Paint Them

I have a friend who turned this stone collecting and painting activity into a full-time job!

To collect rocks, you can go on a hike and look for them in nature, or you can buy them at a store. Once you have your rocks, you will need to clean them off. You can do this by scrubbing them with soap and water. Then, let them dry. Once they are dry, you can start painting! You can use any kind of paint to decorate your rocks. You can also use picture frames to make real art pieces and sell them.

25. Do Some Gardening

Not only it is useful but gardening is also a lot of fun! Whenever the weather allows, I take my children outside in the yard and do some gardening. Kids enjoy this because they learn about the environment and get all messy.

A toddler helping out in the yard
Gardening as a fun activity for kids/ Source: Geekly Family

26. Create a Toothpick Tower

Toothpick towers are a fun and easy way to improve problem-solving skills. All you need is some toothpicks and play dough or small marshmallows. First, start by creating a base for your tower out of the play dough or marshmallows. Once you have a stable base, start adding toothpicks to build up the tower. Be sure to add them in different directions so that the tower is sturdy. Keep building until you reach the desired height. Then, step back and admire your work!

27. Read a Book

To motivate your children to start reading books when they are bored, you’ll need to provide some role-modeling. Whenever you have a bit of spare time, spend it on reading, even if it is for 15 minutes a day. Once your children see that you’re repeating this activity, they’ll get curious to follow you.

You can even take them to the local library to pick their own books for reading, and then spend 15 times a day reading then discussing what each of you read. This is also a common family tradition idea.

Different books for kids
Books can easily turn from boredom buster into a family tradition/ Source: Geekly Family

28. Take Them to a Local Parks or Playground

Parks are a great place for kids to explore and have fun. There are many different activities that can be done at parks, such as hiking and scavenger hunts. If you don’t live near a park, you can still explore your neighborhood.

29. Keep Board Games at Hand

You may want to keep board games at hand for when boredom strikes. You can ask your kids what they like about board games so that you can find new ones that they’ll enjoy. You can also give them supplies like a poster board to make their own game.

30. Let Them Play Chess Online

There are many different websites that offer chess online for kids. Some of these websites are free, while others require a membership fee. Before you choose a website, be sure to read the reviews to see what other parents and kids think about it.

Once you have found a website that you like, setting up an account is usually very simple and only takes a few minutes. Follow the instructions on the website to create an account for your child. Once your child has an account, they can start playing chess online against other kids from all over the world.

31. Teach Your Kids Yoga or Meditation

Yoga and meditation aren’t only for adults. There are yoga classes for kids which you can find either online or in your town. The earlier kids start to practice yoga and meditation the greater the benefits will be. Some of them include:

1. Kids can learn how to meditate through many different books that are available on the subject.

2. Mindful meditation can help kids become more aware of their feelings and learn to be more conscious in their lives.

3. Yoga and meditation can help children relax and focus better.

32. Paint With Watercolors

Painting with colors is one of the most popular art things to do when bored for kids. To paint with watercolors, you will need a paint brush, water colors and a bucket of water. First, dip your paintbrush in the water. Then, dip into the watercolors and apply the wet paintbrush to your paper or canvas. The water will cause the color from the paintbrush to spread out, creating a unique and interesting painting.

33. Write in a Journal

When children are bored, it can be tough to get them interested in anything. However, writing in a journal can help bust boredom for kids. Journals allow children to explore their thoughts and feelings, and to express themselves in a creative way. Writing in a journal can also help children develop a growth mindset. A growth mindset is the belief that one’s ability and intelligence can be developed through effort and perseverance. The Amazing Me activity journal is a great resource for kids who want to start writing in a journal. The journal includes fun activities and prompts that encourage kids to think about their goals, dreams, and achievements.

34. Color a Coloring Book

Coloring is a great way to relax and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Disney-themed coloring sheets are a great option for children, and there are also many teen coloring books available. Coloring can help to reduce boredom and can be a fun activity for both children and adults.

35. Create a Flip Book

My son loves creating a flip book from either plain sheets of paper and draw a story by himself, or staple together previously printed out stuff.

36. Do a Science Experiment

This may take some parent time, but these are the most memorable things for my son to do, he remembers these activities and learns how the world works.

37. Learn to Draw Something

My son picked a book at a library and started following the sketches without me telling him anything. So I guess kids can figure it out on their own when they are bored as long as we give them a chance.

A boy drawing a car
A boy drawing a car/ Source: Geekly Family

38. Play With the Fallen Leaves in Fall

Apart from gardening, children can help you collect the fallen leaves or shake the tree for the leaves to fall so you can collect them. These activities are much fun for the children and we often have the kids next door come and join us.

39. Make Pancakes

Pancakes are the easiest dessert to make and it children-friendly. I usually add all ingredients in one big bowl and then ask my son to whip. Then I put the pancakes one by one in the pan while he decorates them.

40. Play Doctors

Last but not the least on this list is doctor’s playtime. This activity keeps my son and daughter entertained while I literally enjoy. I lay down and pretend that I’m sick while they examine me, prescribe medications and spoil me. The best boredom busting activity for kids ever!


Children often get bored because they have a short attention span and most of the time they ask their parents to give them an idea how to deal with it. This behavior is very natural and healthy for kids, and parents shouldn’t panic. If you aren’t sure what to suggest or if you’re out of ideas, then I’m pretty sure this list has sparked your imagination. After all, you know your children better than anyone else and with just a little direction you can instantly come up with many activities that can be fun not only for your children but for the whole family, too.


1. What are some boredom busting ideas for kids?

There are many ways to avoid boredom, especially for kids. There are many different “boredom busters” or activities that can keep everyone entertained. These activities can be enjoyed by families of all sizes and in all weather conditions. Some examples of these activities include playing games, watching movies, going on walks, cooking/baking together, and doing crafts. There are endless possibilities when it comes to avoiding boredom, so get creative and have fun!

2. What are some activities that kids can do when they’re stuck indoors?

There are many activities that kids can do when they’re bored. Some of these activities can be done indoors, while others can be done outdoors.

Indoor things to do when bored for kids are watching TV, playing video games, reading books, or doing puzzles. Outdoor activities that kids can do when they’re bored include things like playing sports, riding bikes, or going for a walk. Both indoor and outdoor activities can provide entertainment for kids and help to pass the time.

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