Wren Eleanor Controversy

The Wren Eleanor Controversy: A Mother’s Perspective

The goal of social media as a medium for fast and valuable interaction between people has apparently shifted in the recent years. More and more “common” people have experienced massive popularity and unimaginable profit from posting pictures and videos from their daily activities. One such instance for a seemingly easy and harmless way to generate quick profit while having fun is TikTok. A video-sharing social media platform that has surpassed all other social media networks and numbers over 1 billion users globally.

However, as of recently, people have started worrying about the consequences that social media platforms can have on children. In addition, the TikTok activity of Wren Eleanor’s has sparked a controversy over whether parents are misusing their children to gain popularity and become rich.

But who is Wren Eleanor and why all the buzz around this name? Keep reading to find out!

Who Is Wren Eleanor?

Wren Eleanor is a 3-year-old girl that is making an influence in the world of social media, TikTok in particular. The brain and the executive behind Wren Eleanor’s videos and social media activity is her own mom. She created Wren’s TikTok profile @wren.eleanor in 2019 when her daughter was a baby. By posting cute videos and sponsored posts about lifestyle and fashion Wren Eleanor’s TikTok profile has amassed a following of over 17 million people.

What Is the Controversy Behind Wren Eleanor?

The controversy that span out of the seemingly harmless video posting of the Wren’s daily activities raises the concern that some people are sexualizing a toddler, which is disgusting and wrong. Yet another important point is the way some parents are using their children to gain profit.

Nevertheless, here are the main points raised and the actions taken by the public and Wren’s mom in regards to the controversy.

1. The Mother of the 3-Year-Old TikTok Influencer Wren Eleanor Is Accused of Exploiting Daughter for Financial Gain

Wren’s mother, Jacquelyn, typically shares family videos of her daughter on her TikTok profile but some followers are concerned that Jacquelyn is exploiting her daughter for internet fame and likes and they are questioning Jacquelyn’s parenting choices.

2. Videos of Wren Have Allegedly Been Misused by Not-so-Well Intended TikTok Users

Videos of Wren wearing a cropped, orange shirt were saved more than 45,000 times. The “save” feature allows users to tag videos, so they are easier to find and refer back to.” Predators can screenshot or record people’s content without them knowing, using a phone’s screen recording feature.

Worried parents said that Wren’s videos have allegedly been noticed on adult content platforms. Even if that isn’t true others have pointed out the number of male followers on Wren Eleanor’s TikTok profile which is almost 4 million as well as the inappropriate comments from men such as “I love these images, I will take them and put them in my room” and “She is so mature for her age”. Some of people even point out that the most popular searches are “Wren eating corndog” and “Wren scandalous outfits” which points out how a portion of viewers sees Wren i.e. as a sexual object.

TikTok strictly prohibits content that sexually exploits minors, but Wren’s account seems to be unaffected so far.

3. More Than 11,000 People Have Joined a Subreddit to Discuss Wren Eleanor’s Account.

A subreddit r/WrenEleanor has been created with over 11,000 followers discussing the child exploitation of Wren Eleanor from TikTok. The discussion on the subreddit is focused on Wren Eleanor’s account and her story with the community interested in learning more about Wren Eleanor and her experiences. Wren Eleanor’s videos are often focused on drinking soda and eating candy, which some users find inappropriate. Users have raised concerns about Wren’s outfits, diet, and safety with some believing that Jacquelyn, Wren’s mother, may not be putting her daughter’s safety first.

TikTok doesn’t appear to be taking any action against Wren’s account, despite the concerns of some users.

4.By Only Posting Positive Videos of Her Daughter, Jacquelyn Can Help Ensure That Any Potential Negative Effects Are Minimized

Additionally, online safety is important for everyone, and parents have a responsibility to take precautions to protect their children. By taking measures Jacquelyn can make it more difficult for predators to find her daughter’s videos and engage in negative behavior towards her. Jacquelyn stated that she has turned off the download option for her videos or Duet them. She has also confirmed that she has just now realized how some of the videos of her daughter were interpreted by the followers therefore she deleted all possibly inappropriate or child-sexualizing videos.

5. Social Media Companies Need to Take Action to Protect Children and Ensure Videos of Child Influencers Are Not Being Stored or Shared Inappropriately

Social media companies should be aware that content posted to their platforms can be shared and used to harm children. Predators are able to capture and share content without being traced, using social media platforms’ screen recording features.

The mother of Wren Eleanor is raising awareness about social media privacy issues by removing her daughter’s photos from public view.

There is no such thing as a perfect parent, so just focus on being a real one! - Susan Atkins

What Can Parents Do to Ensure Maximum Online Safety for Their Children?

The case of Wren Eleanor’s is just one in the myriad. Many parents in the world are posting images and videos of their children without considering the effect it may have on them now or later throughout life. So, here’s how to ensure maximum online safety for your children:

  1. Don’t post images and videos of your children on the Internet. If you can restrain yourself from it, then at least hide their faces, post images of your kids not looking directly into the camera, and be mindful of the type of images and videos you post.
  2. Don’t reveal personal information such as the name, the address, etc.
  3. Teach your children Internet ethics and how to protect themselves online.
  4. Install a parental control app on your children’s devices to monitor their online activity.
  5. Use background check sites such as US Search to look up the background of the people your child interacts with online.

These are just a few things that parents can do to protect their children online. Parents are the caretakers of their children so they should be mindful of how their current actions may affect their children when they grow up. Posting images and videos may shape an image of the child that the child will not be comfortable with when they grow up. A well-known example is the story of the iCarly star – the American former actress and singer Jennette McCurdy. In her memoir, “I’m Glad My Mom Died”, she talks about the traumas mother’s wishes and ambition’s can have on the child.


The movement inspired by Wren Eleanor, the 3-year-old influencer, should be a wake-up call for parents and social media users.

Parents need to be aware of the risks associated with social media usage and take steps to protect their children. The mother of Wren TikTok controversy victim has started removing selected videos of her daughter in order to protect her. Jacquelyn has publicly addressed the allegations, but some people are still not convinced. Others believe that she is simply trying to capture cute moments with her child and share them with the world.

Be it as it may, thousands of mothers are removing their children from TikTok after discovering videos of Wren Eleanor are being saved. The moral of this controversy is that parents and social media companies should be aware of this trend and take steps to stop it. The effects of these videos on children in the future is yet to be calculated.


1. At what age can parents post photos of their kids on social media?

It is generally considered safe for parents to post photos of their children on social media regardless of their age, but there are some things to keep in mind. First, it is important to make sure that your privacy settings are set to protect your kids. Second, they should know that some platforms, like TikTok, that are not considered safe for children. Finally, using a family-friendly applications (parental monitoring software) can be used to monitor and control children’s online activity.

2. What are the dangers of sharing photos and videos of young kids on social media?

When parents share photos and videos of their young children on social media, they may be unintentionally opening them up to dangers such as being approached by strangers, being cyberbullied, or having their photos shared without their consent. Some parents are using their children to gain fame on social media via TikTok. This can be dangerous for the child, as they may be inundated with inappropriate comments or invitations from strangers.

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